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Anyone heard of Waldenstrom's?

I had never heard of it before. My last blood test results showed I have protein in my blood and my doctor gave me orders for more blood work. An SPEP test and the diagnosis code she used was 270.0 (I think) which is for Waldenstrom's. I looked into it further and it's a form of cancer that attacks your immune system. I also have calcium in my blood. Both are out of the blue things for me and I'm totally confused. My SED rate is always high but it's higher now at 74 and my CRP is 15.43. I just don't know where all these results are coming from. I called the office to make sure they were reading MY test results. I should get the results of the last test this week...I hope. I don't feel like I have that type of an immune problem. I've been dieting strictly and have lost weight...don't know if that could have thrown things off or not. Since I'm losing a lot of weight now I was hoping for better results.

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