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Bloody and watery discharge HELP!

I'm 39 and have not had sex in over 7 months and have been tested for STD's here's my problem. Any input would be greatly appreciated...

I had my period on August 20th. But I'm still bleeding. It almost like it only happens when I'm laying down. My lower abdomen is not real painful, just an uncomfortable feeling. Its a watery pink discharge. Its not like normal bleeding when I have my monthly. I have had bouts of very sharp pains but they go away. Also, seems like a headache almost every night. Sometimes there seems to be an odor. I just don't understand why this only seems to be happening when I lay down. My fear is its cancer. And I can't get in to see the OBGYN untill Sept. 30th... Could it be the early stages of uterine cancer? Any thoughts would greatly be appreciated!! Thank you

Also, My periods for i would say the past year have been all over the map to lasting almost two weeks, Heavy, Light, very crampy too no cramps.

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