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Re: Hypochondriacs/anxiety sufferers - Does anyone realize how we feel?

Me and I still have it.

One of the things that's nice about the anxiety is that after you learn how to talk yourself out of it, it basically goes away.

I went through every disease and thought I had it. I thought tumor.. brain hemorrhage.. meningitis...heart conditions... etc.

The thing is, what's actually going on with you is something that you've gone through many times before but since you're becoming so self-analytical you are noticing things that you usually don't and are thinking they're something serious.

What helped me is the fact that the area I live in has an emergency hotline that I could call and just talk to someone anytime I was freaking out and they would ask me certain things about what I thought I had and basically made me realize how stupid it was to have those thoughts.

The muscle tension is MOST LIKELY just from you being stressed out and is definitely nothing to worry about.. If you had some serious condition you would have had something happen to you already. Just take each panic attack as a learning experience on how to control the next one.

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