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Re: PSA Relapse Following Salvage Radiotherapy, can you help?

Hi John (guam)

I appreciate your detailed post to my questions. It is interesting to know that you are in Guam. I have visited your island several times in the past, in one occasion I stayed 6 months for a marine project at Tamuning bay. Which part of the island are you living?

In regards to your answers could you please clarify the following:
“I would think it would be case dependent as to changes. I started triple blockade with Dr Myers and he asked for monthly PSA for 6 mos the as my PSA was decreasing to every 3 mos. When I started my Lupron, Casodex holiday two mos ago I was put back on monthly PSA tests.”
1) How many months were you on ADT3 and where did you get your shots, in Guam?
2) Did you take the three drugs every day (shots were for how many months)?
3) What was your PSA before starting ADT and how long did it take to get to 0.01?

“Again in my case I consult with Dr Myers mostly by phone and email. All my blood tests, bone scans etc I send to him via internet. Once a year I trek to the east coast from Guam in the west Pacific and visit with him. Takes usually about 26 hrs door to door but I would be travelling to New York anyway to hub to where my kids are in Canada so the side trip isn’t actually very much”
4) How did you manage this type of consultation, How did you firstly contacted Dr. Myers?
5) Do you think that I could get the same style of consultations as yours, from my country?
6) How much did it cost your treatment?
7) Do you pay only each time you visit him?

“Dr Myers questions can be accessed via the Internet however I don’t think I can give out his office web site on the forum. There are also video blogs with his answers to questions available via internet which you can find. I believe sone things he used to recommeng like vitamin E and selenium he no longer recommends. He also has added things like Full Spectrum Pomegranate capsules, Super Bio Curcumin and nitro 250 micronized resveratrol”
8) What kind of extra drugs did you take for the side effects?
9) What supplements did Dr. Myers recommend you to take?
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Many thanks for the information.

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