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Re: degenerative disc desease along with disc herniation

Hopefully the new Dr. will be able to give you more hope. I had cervical surgery over two years ago, and my surgeon prescribed physical therapy to help me gain the function back in my arms and hands. It helped very much, but it also takes a long time to regain. I'm still noticing things coming back this much later. You didn't mention whether you had any therapy. I also have ddd and problems with stenosis in my lumbar spine which my surgeon also said was not operable. However, I manage the pain with water exercises and massage therapy. I'm not on any meds. When the nerves aren't sending the proper signals to the muscles, they can really get tight and get lots of trigger points, which then cause lots of pain. If you search for things to do to help, you can find lots of things that make a difference. Surgery isn't always the best option.
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