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Re: What's going on? Is this what a venous leak feels like?

Hi Grit,

I only just found this forum and I have joined up just to let people know what I have experienced, as it might give them some hope.
I will post the longer version of the story later today, but the shortened version is this:

Undiagnosed ED from age 17 - 20, then diagnosed as venous leak.
2 unsuccessful operations between the ages of 20 and 25, plus lots of relationship problems....

This year, in the last month, I have tried type of **** ring which allows you to tighten it yourself, which allows me to keep it slack to enable me to get an erection, then tighten it to stop the blood escaping...

I will into more detail in a longer post, but it is worth thinking about and trying before having lots of invasive surgery.

Good luck