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Hello everyone,

I'd like to respond to the previous post. A professional doesn't always remedy the problem. Someone told me in a different forum that if you're taking meds and the problem is still not remedied, it could be a deeper thing, which could be something supernatural. I've been seeking professional help since 2005......five years, and have been experiencing adversed reaction to the meds ever since. The meds that are supposed to stop the voices have not stopped the voices, but rather the voice responded that he cannot be crippled- when I went up on the meds. Although I take meds, I'm hoping to get off of them, because there could be some form of witchcraft in them, when they are not used for the proper reasons. Doctors are so quick to push mind altering drugs on patient these days that it's almost being abused and not used for the proper reasons. And there is a natural and proper way to add the proper neurotransmitters to the mind, such as wholesome foods like blueberries, eggs and other protein foods- tuna fish, fish (filled with omega 3). Staying active plays a role in keeping a healthy mind....strong body, strong mind. And most importantly, spiritual food, such as the Word of God is very essential for a healthy spirit. God renews our minds. I have had rather encouraging episodes since I rededicated my life to God. He is top priority in my life and I believe that He will make a way for me to get off of the medicine. He has made appearances in my dreams on several occasions. In looking back on the past supernatural experiences, I believe that God has had a hand in it. I also believe that in all things, God works for the good of those who love Him.... and I love God. I clearly heard Him say, "I have called you." Last night, He prevented my mind from going in a bad area. I believe that there's a spiritual warfare going on 24 hours, everyday. And I can hear messages of good and messages of evil, and so can the Holy of Holies. Therefore, I've resolved not to be overcome by evil, but rather to overcome evil with good. I want to encourage you to draw near to God and He will draw near to you. He will turn things around and make it good for you- if you heed what He has to say. If you are in pain, He feels your pain. Many people in the scriptures, whom God loved, were experiencing afflictions of various kinds. Look at Job and even the Son of God, Jesus Christ the righteous One in Hebrews 5- He learned obedience from what He suffered. There is good stuff in the hard stuff. And may God bless you.