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Re: I need mature advice.

Hi GenGen* As others have said, you're very articulate for your age - linguistically but also emotionally.

I'm torn as to how to advise you. When I started to read your post I assumed you were a similar age to me and I might have said your boyfriend sounds emotionally immature and you need somebody more consistent. But as you're boyfriend is also only sixteen I would be more inclined to give him yet another chance, not least because it's romantic to think that the two of you could stand the test of time and blossom from childhood sweethearts in to a long-term couple

The caveat to all this is proceed with caution. Ask yourself why he left you. Was there another girl involved? And now he's possibly got what he wanted or been rejected, is he running back to you? If you trust him from that perspective and you resolve to get back together with him, at least don't make it easy for him and don't let him think things can instantly return to the way they were before. He needs to demonstrate to you that he's ready to commit to one girl and that you're the one for him!