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Re: I need mature advice.

Thank you all so much for the posts!
Please reply if you want to.
I'm sorry I cannot reply to each and every one, but if you don't mind,
I'd like to say what I generally feel in response to your posts.

Right now, I feel like those two years were never a waste of time.
I really learned what it means to love someone, and to be loved
and I'm glad I do, even if it didn't work out.

Also, I remember promising to myself that I would give it my all, and would try my best to work things out. I just never thought he would have commitment issues.
I never realized that was a problem because it never seemed like it.
The past few days I realized that I was more devoted to him that he was devoted to me. But that's not to say he didn't love me. I just put so much effort into making the relationship work because as naive and as stubborn, and perhaps unrealistic as we both were, we did think of a future together.
I thought I was the one who needed to work on herself. Only me.
I'm very determined, and I think he just felt like it would all fall into place and not need much work.
The first time he broke up with me was because I was so distraught, so emotional, so darn regretful for what I had done (emotional cheating; I am not proud of that) that he felt suffocated, and drained of energy. I was so incredibly needy. For a teenage couple, I feel like that was too much to deal with.
I agree with what someone said- that he feels he's not ready to be without me, so he say's he's ready when really he's not.
All I know is, yes, it would be sweet if we stayed together for such a long

No, I'm not interested in cute boys and whatnot, lol. I never really cared for them. I'm interested in doing fun things, like music and movies, and being with my friends right now.
I want to forgive him. I don't care what I have to do to get there. I'm currently talking to him now, and we're going to talk and try to decide what's best for us.
It's just so difficult

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