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Re: I need mature advice.

Haha, i'm sorry, I interpreted it that way. xD
And ahh, yes. I find most boys immature and a waste of time sometimes. (No offense to anyone.) But I mostly seeked friendship, of course.
And LarryLou...If I have to, I will move on. I'll tell him to move on too.
We both really should look at what's out there and really enjoy everything at this age.
Gosh, I feel happy knowing I will let him do that by letting him go. I love him enough to do so. Honestly, it hurt a lot to think of him with someone else..
I wanted to ask,
when you move on, what do you get over?
Because I don't want to, nor do I think I can forget those special memories. Nor do I think I can stop loving him or admiring him. Will that stop us from truly being friends?