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Vertigo and Vacation, just need some tips.

I don't know if anyone has ever done this or not, but even still would just like to hear a few comments on it and to see if I will be okay or not.
Me and my wife have been planning this vacation for months, saved up etc... and would hate to say no we cant go because I'm scared this Vertigo I'm having will make me have a bad time or whatever.
Anyways I started having vertigo coming from lying positions on my left side. I went and got steroids and some heavy antibiotics and some Antivert and Valium (to help prevent it). My vacation is to Universal Studios: Islands of Adventure in Orlando. I believe they have 2 roller coasters and some amazing 3d rides and such.
A little more info is that the vertigo only seems to come from laying positions or bending over and getting up too fast ... which I know is normal, I don't get it when I'm just walking around or anything which is good.
I also know that I will most likely have vertigo during or after the rides, I'm sure of that... but to my main question.

Is it going to hurt me? Is it going to kill me? Is it going to continuously last throughout the rest of the day non-stop?
I'm sure none of the above are true, but I am living with the fact that I will get some vertigo during or after the ride... that I'm sure of.

Sorry for being so long, I try to get out as much information as possible.

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