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Re: PSA Relapse Following Salvage Radiotherapy, can you help?

Originally Posted by Baptista View Post
Hi John,

Thank you very much for the reply. I understand now on the possibility of choosing an overseas oncologist and continuously living with my family in this beautiful Conner of Europe, my country.
It is interesting knowing you get tests done in the Philippines. I also got many tests done at Makati med and St. Lucks on the occasion I was living there for a Port project in Mindanao and constantly travelled to Japan (my surgeon) and USA (my oncologist) for consultations. The PCa is a globalized disease with no frontiers.

In regards to your treatment, could you please answer to these questions;
1) When and Why did you start hormonal therapy?
I was treated at UCLA Medical Center. I started hormone therapy 3 months after therapy because my PSA after surgery did not drop to the appropriate level. It was still around 10. My Urologist suggested Casodex for 30 days then Lupron only, 3 month shots.. I had a consult with a radiation Oncologist there and he suggested the same but also suggested radiation since the Gleason was 4+5 he said I should be more aggressive in treating it. I elected to do both. Had i kown about triple blockade I would have likely went to it immediately

2) How long were the cycles?

I was on Lupron for 15 months and my PSA stabilized at .1 My local oncologist took me off and a year later I was at 1.2. I stopped at UCLA on a trip to the mainland and they advised that I should go back on Lupron which I did. They also advised that if it didn’t knock it back below .1, I should add casodex. I added casodex after 6 mos because I was still around 1.2 and it dropped to .8 then stayed there. After hearing about triple blockade on this site I read the books, then went and visited Dr Myers.

3) What was the third drug you start taking from Jun 2009?


4) Were you been given any detailed protocol (doses, etc) by Myers to be followed?

Lupron depot 22.5 mg every three months

Casodex 50 mg daily

Avodart .5 mg daily

Estrogen Patch to reduce hot flashes and counter possible bone density decrease (while on triple blockade only)

Ursodiol To counter possible liver problems (while on triple blockade only)

5) Who is directing you to take what and when for the side effects drugs?

Dr Myers in consultation my local physician

6) What tests are you required taking?

I have had yearly bone scans because I had a hot spot on the coccyx from the beginning. It was pain from the coccyx which prompted me in the beginning to change doctors to the personal Dr that discovered the prostate cancer. Ironically this year St Luke’s and Dr Myers both agreed that although the hot spot was still there it was not the malignancy that was once feared.

I also have bone density scans every couple of years.

The only other tests are a battery of blood tests. Every one to three months. Dr Myers likes to see the Ultra Sensitive PSA, testosterone, Di hydroxy testosterone and Vitamin D levels once a month when he changes things.

Could you please give me by mail the site address of Myers contacts and any other information you may think I should know.

I don't think we can post this type of information here, and i am not even sure if we can do it in a private post so I will sen it yo your email along with some other information

I hope I did not become “heavy” with so many questions.

Not at all. You can ask as many questions as you want and i will answer if I can.

I appreciate your helping me.
All the best