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I've had insomnia for about three months now and find that it's the result of poor sleep. I take 4mg of Clonazopam at night to sleep. I eat earlier, try to go to bed at the same time each night and use the bedroom for sleeping, not watching tv. Sometimes, I get only 4 hrs' sleep and fall asleep at work, sitting in my chair. Still trying to get better REM sleep.
I had sleep problem. Started Sinemet ER (helped considerably with legs relaxing and any nighttime/earlly a.m. tremors) and 1/2tab 10mg Ambien at hour of sleep. No tv and quiet time (gentle walk, relaxing reading, meditation/prayer time) a couple of hours prior to sleep. Had a sleep study and found to have moderate sleep apnea. Now sleep on my sides (pillows surrounding me) and have a madibular adjustment device to align my jaw (cleared airway....also have sinus drainage during back-lying position) through the night.

I went to sleep hygiene clinic also. Important to go to bed at same times throughout the week.

Sometimes, a very light snack before bed acutally helps.....i.e, cup of whole grain cereal with soy milk........

I did take clonazopam (lowest dose) about 2 hours prior to bedtime for a few weeks to help me relax, along with the above mentioned , when I had severe sleep deprivation.

A quote that helped me so much:

"The first requisite for a good night's sleep is a feeling of security. We need to feel that some power greater than ourselves will take care of until morning"
-Dale Carneige

Blessings and sweet sleep,