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Re: What are your expectations for longevity?

Interesting topic.
I know things that will help a lot.
from 20 years old to 65 years old. Or 70 years old or even 80 years old for some company owners,
you have to do every day 8 hours a day or more, something important called working.
If you make a job that you like, if you like your work, if your work becomes a passion, then this 60 years will be mostly happy. No worrying.

Need to laugh. Itís one of the best medicine.
like always having a few fellows who provide some laughing entertainment.

always enjoying the live. Never worrying. Having passions leisures.

The mind. Always make good use of our mind.
reading new stories everyday, that we can share with people after.
magazines, newspapers, novels.
our mind travel when we read.

One Thing that can damage your health badly.
Things that will make you worrying too much :
Raising too many Children with a budget too small.
We must raise children according to our salary, according to our budget.
One average salary of the country, can raise one children.
Two average salaries of the country can raise two children, and so on.

And of course our food.
eat fresh food from the vegetable and fruits market.
donít eat processing food, no canned food, no frozen food, no pizzas, no coke, no sodas.
Sugar is the most dangerous low poison on earth. Just the week end or for parties, but not more.
Or once or twice a week not more.

And a jogging or another sport every day.
We will live longer. 120 years.

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