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Bone Scan results

I was dx w/osteo arthritis 2 years ago in all my my ankles, knees, entire lower spinal and upper spinal areas, shoulders, and wrists and hands. I have nodules on 8 fingers (including both thumbs) at the top joint, and on the middle joint in 2 fingers.
My ANA was negative.
I run low grade fevers and in the past 3 months have developed some kind of skin condition on my face that I need to get a referral to a dermatologist.

For the last year I have have excruciating flares in my ankles and shoulders. Eventually being in a flare with my ankles for a 3 month stint that resulted in me having to use a cane to be mobile.
Right now, I can walk ok.

I had a bone scan b/c my fusion area at C5/6 was in addition to my neck and shoulders in excruciating pain.
The results have me with more questions, so I would appreciate any input on this. My neuro made no indication to be further tested, or whether he would be forwarding the results to my rheumy, or to anything about this scan.

Routine whole body Bone Scans were obtained after IV injection of 25mCi of TC 99m-MDP.
Increased uptake was seen in the shoulder joints, wrist joints bilaterally and also in the ankles bilaterally, consistent with inflammatory arthropathies in these regions.
Clinical correlation is indicated.

Is this indicative of RA, or another type of destructive arthritis? Thanks for your input, not knowing anything is worse than knowing!
Mim Gregg

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