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Question Enteritis (?) day 5.. emergence of blood in diarrhea.. not sure what to think

Hi there,
I'm 21 years old and living in Japan, and this is the first time I've ever experienced (or heard of) of what I've been told is Enteritis.


I woke up on Tuesday (the 21st) with a sudden fever and soreness but no other symptoms. This progressed into stomach pains and continued fever of around 102~ and headache the next day. Thinking it was the flu, I called my boss who insisted I go to the hospital to get checked out.. A blood test dismissed the flu idea and I ended up getting X-Rayed, CT scanned, and ultrasounded multiple times while they tried to figure what was going on, thinking it might be Appendicitis, but aside from swelling of my large intestine and what sounds like the area in general, the right signs weren't there, so I was temporarily dismissed home on a liquid diet until the next meeting.

That night my fever rocketed up to a bit over 104, but we were told by the doctor when I called that it turns out it was Enteritis, and that the fever was normal and not to be worried about.
My fever has since pretty much disappeared, as well as the headaches, and the stomach symptoms calmed a bit as a result of a day of liquid diet and ingesting only items suggested like toast, noodles, broth, cooked egg, cooked vegetables since then. I find my symptoms calm whenever I am able to eat a solid meal with liquids, although my intestines still seem to be having a rough time.

This morning, and ever since, however, I have been constantly feeling the urge to go to the bathroom, usually letting out very little. The urge usually comes on strong as if I suddenly really have to go, but when I do, very little comes out, and I have the strong urge to go long after I have gone what I can. The stool is sometimes less watery now and a darker brown/more normal color than it was yesterday, but is more a strange jelly-ish consistancy rather than soft feces..

I have also noticed small amounts of red blood in the toilet, which I have since realized tends to come out only when I strain, and am wondering if it is the result of an internal hemorrhoid or merely a raw behind from all this toilet time.

This would be my third day of diarrhea, although I very rarely release very much..

The only thing I can think of that could have caused this is some raw egg yolk and partially raw liver I consumed on the Friday evening before I came down sick, though the rest of the party also consumed it and everyone was fine (this is fairly common fare here..! ).

I plan to talk with my doctor, but I was also curious to get some opinions from the other side of the hemisphere as well.
I'm just interested to see if this sounds "normal" for Enteritis?
Is there something I should be doing differently?
Does the blood I have noticed today sound like something I need to worry about?

I have had issues with constipation on and off for a number of years, but they recently seemed to be working out with my recent addition of a daily dose of yogurt and prunes to my diet and some lifestyle changes. Not sure if that could play any part, but!

Just getting a bit tired out, and would truly appreciate any possible advice or tips or wisdom you all could offer me from your side of the world.
Sorry for the length of this! Thank you so much for reading, and thank you in advance for anything at all you could have to share with me.

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