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Re: Enteritis (?) day 5.. emergence of blood in diarrhea.. not sure what to think

Hi Raishi! The language problem can be helped with an interpreter. Usually the hospitals and doctors over here are reuired to have one by law. Well I can tell you that if your anus is raw from all that diarrhea mine was helped by merely useing cotton instead of toilet tissue, patting instead of wiping, a wet pat after to take away caustic bm and then followed by my favorite olive oil to help keep future diarrhea off my butt and make the next wipe easier. But the blood could also be caused by your intestines since they are painful, I found a heating pad to be helpful with that for myself but don't necesarily take that as advice. I have used the heating pad for 2 days at a time when needed. Of course you could see your favorite health professional in case there is something incredibly serious. They usually tell us over here anytime you see blood to see the professionals. If there is a hole in yourself and things leak out into your abdominal could be bad.

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