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Re: Bone Scan results

Originally Posted by mimgregg View Post
. . . Increased uptake was seen in the shoulder joints, wrist joints bilaterally and also in the ankles bilaterally, consistent with inflammatory arthropathies in these regions.
Clinical correlation is indicated . . .
Some docs can be shockingly flippant when the problem isn't in their field of expertise (ie: not their problem) .

"Inflammatory arthropathy" is just what Numm said, inflammatory arthritis of some kind, RA or not. (literal translation: "hot bone disease") I'm putting that down on the next medical form I have to fill out!

Having inflammation on both sides is common in RA.

Looks like you and your rheumatologist will go over your history one more time and you'll get poked for more blood tests. Probably a complete blood count (to look for anemia, common in RA), SED rate (check inflammation levels) and Rheumatoid Factor "RF". RF can be elevated by other things beside RA including viral illnesses.

Viral illness (present or past) can cause bilateral inflammatory arthritis, so can lupus, Lyme disease, psoriatic arthritis, bacterial infection, reactive arthritis, gastrointestinal disorders like ulcerative colitis or celiac, etc . . .

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