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Re: does burning the nerves help soft tissue pain

ablation is a very very big step, and in the longer run could even create more pain depending upon mostly how long it will take for the "burned out nerves" to actually regenerate themselves, which they actually can do over time and not always in a 'good way" either? ablation in many people actually does require repeating that process at some point down the road? bases upon the fact that you do NOT even have any type of actual nerve compresion here but just some obviously angry signals foring out to fascia/muscle? i would NOT go there til you have at the very LEAST here tried a simply 'block' of those nerves to see if this would actually even take your pain away first? its the best way to actually tell if a nerve is taken out of the picture for a few hours, whether or not this actually even would or could even impact your pain generators at the more base level, without doing ANY permanent procedures that once they are done, you cannot reverse? if they simply do the blocks on suspected nerves and your pain does not change, no burning of those nerves is going to realistically even impact or take down what the underlying reasons just are for your pain kinda thing?

what you are describing really does sound alot like what i have been dealing with for years now? more 'myofascial pain' or deeper muscle pain? when there are things wrong within that spinal, they do fire out little signals repeatedly to the surrounding muscles and the fascia that is what actually not only wraps allll of the many muscles within our body, but also is surrounding every single organ and blood vessel too as one very large thin continuous interconnected 'sheet? similar to like a spiderweb level "covering(this 'sheet" is literally running totally interconnected from head to toes in our bodies)? so when those signals fire out to muscles(the fascia is what actually overly tightens AROUND the muscles actually) they WILL create what is the "guarded" posistion around pretty much any area that is constantly inflammed or injured to try and keep it from moving which also can tighten around some nerves within the muscles themselves too? and trust me here when i say, the pain and that really badly 'overly tightened' area with those muscles CAN create some pretty over the top levels of pain in a person, esp within the neck area? along with esp over tightened levels of muslce ans tissue which ARE the radiating out 'trigger points',like the "knots' you can never seem to ever totally get rid of that keep coming back?

i used to have the most insane huge TPs ever til i finally found a really amazing therepy that actually DOES break the tissue and muscle down kind of by forcing your own bodies energies back into itself and in some forms of myo, they also do use things like thumbs and 'tools' to also work them out as well? i get the 'indirect' typew? the direct type or form of myo i=s the one that deeply manipulates tissue and uses the therepists body parts like i mentioned abvove/ but even the indirect like i get only becasue my body tone is very reactive and hyper fromn my SCI, this truely actually does break down insane levels of globs that i have from having my cord surgery done of course from the bacxk where a ton of real direct damage was done simply having to cut thru all that thick heavy muscle first,and after, sew it all back up again in kind of a screwed up way?

but honestly here? before i would ever allow ANY nerve burning from your PM, i would at least try two things? first, getting the block done on the very same nerves your PM says he want to actually burn just to see if it would even take the pain away once they are simply taken out of the picture? if it does not even change things for you at all, you just saved good healthy noncompressed nerves from being destroyed. or even if this is does help, trying the myo FIRST for at least like ten sessions or so to see how THAT would work instead of the permanently damaging of any nerves(any ablation, even if the nerves do grow back eventually are very capable generating even more insane pain since they will already be "damaged?). but by far, the better thing to try here is myofascial release therepy too.

i have tried sooo many different types of therepies, injections and way too many trigger point injections to count all since 2003, and the ONLY thing that really gives me ANY real pain relief IS that amazing myofascial release therepy. not to mention even TP wads i had for well over a decade under my R shoulder blade were and are completely totally gone only after five sessions with my current myo therepist. THAT was what truely convinced ME that this therepy did what i was told it would do and got rid of pain that was so crappy and higher edged/constant i had to either grind that shoulder blade into a wall and hold it there to even try and reduce pain that would always come right back as soon as i moved away from that wall. and alot of time spent rolling the old tennis ball in a tubesock into the more solid TPs i had and then just push and roll this ball into them hoping to even break them down? now i just go once every other week for my myo 'tune up' since alot of my generators still keep creating the same muscle hell for me. but no where NEAR what i HAD been living with before the therepy started and a very experienced myo therepist i was lucky enough to be referred to by my PM.

i DO very much think you are right in that this just IS more oft tissue/muslce pain that trust me here myo release really CAN help TONS with reducing the pain and the overall frequecncy of even regenerating the more constant TP wads that you just do get when something is irritating or inflamming any area of that spinal. i have no idea just where i would be right now if i had not been getting this therepy at this point for over three years now? i only go and have gone this long because it actually does WORK for even the worst of the worst muscle crappy stuff. but the key here is getting a good experienced myo release therepist? the more years of experience they simply have, they are able to really better pick up on a patients overall energy and any changes in overall body 'tone' too? but if i were you right now, the myo would be what i would ask for FIRST before anything else and simply see how much of your pain can really truely be knocked down for you or even fully taken away way before i would allow ANY burning of any spinal nerves at all. its a pretty big and potentially very impactful deal to go that route, esp compared to the totally non invasive and 'good' results therepy that myo can deliver for someone, ya know?

if i had not actually "felt" what i was able to as seriously amazing relief with sooo much real surgical muscle damage, and my c spine constantly firing signals for THAT mess too with this therepy, i never ever would have believed that anything short of burning the living hell outta every freakin nerve up there could help the levels of pain and TP wads i had generated over years. for what you are describing here as the generators of your pain, myo release was MENT for exactly THIS type of situation and pain generators. right now, everything up there is simply very overly tight and in that muscle guarding posistion with TPs to boot. this therepy just is what works soo well for that type of generators to muscle. hopefully you will be able to find a good one near you. this therepy is becomming more and more widely used and known about compared to just even a few years ago, and most ins cos DO cover this too which they would not do for me when i needed it so desperatley post op after my cord surgery but they denied covering it then but DO now for some crazy reason?

just do not go burning anything til you have tried what i mentioned above at the very least first aframe. hopefully your pain can be totally managed with myo only. i simply could not recommend anything here to anyone if i had not used it and it worked for me first? i highly believe this just can work really well for you and your situation too. please let me know how things are goin, K? good luck, marcia
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