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Re: does burning the nerves help soft tissue pain

I agree with Marcia. Ive spoke to several people in my PMs office, many have tried the burning. For some its worked wonders for others not so much & then there are those who say its caused more pain. My PMs partner scheduled one for me & I did not reliaze it was on the script at first. Thought it was just the ESIs (injections). I told him I would not have any burning done until I had more relief from the injections.
You should have relief from ESIs before attempting the nerve burning.

As I stated if you have a experianced PM doing this procedure & relief from other injections it could be a blessing but that is a big if. I know the nerves can set off the muscles as Ive spent time in the hospital for that very reason but I'd want to know there was definate reason for burning those nerves. At times not every little thing will show on MRIs or any other tests so perhaps your PM has a reason.
Have you had the ESIs done? Smart to investigate before having anything done.
Good luck Sammy