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Re: does burning the nerves help soft tissue pain

let me ask you this AZ(i am also kind of in this potential situation right now and i DO respect your opinions too). would you recommend at the very LEAST, before actually attempting to fully ablate what are non compressed nerves here as what is aframes case, to at least have a good nerve block done on the actual nerves the PM wants to ablate to actually see if getting the particular individual nerves out of the overall picture would actually make any difference FIRST?

my NP mentioned doing like a medial branch block to see if doing the ablation would actually make any real difference in my really getting over the top now radicu upper c spine pain? this just does seem the more logical approach as in burning out any nerves may NOT actually relieve anything but still places you in a risk catagory for neuromas and also the "regrowth' that can occur, but becasue that nerve has already been 'damaged' by outside sources, it has that real potential for generating what i have felt in the past as some seriously insane types of pain with it? they have mentioned wanting to do this burning stuff up into my c 2 3 before which i immediately declined for alot of reasons too back at the very beginning of my PM in 2004.

i just think here from what aframe has stated about the real pain issues, that trying to actually fully 'release' what takes time to deeply develop with constant pain and inflammation within those deeper muscles would be better served in hitting the real 'base of THAT isse first then see what is kinda 'left over' or regenerates muscle and TP wise? my myofascial pain levels were just sooo insanely high til i started basic (mine is also the 'indirect" form)myo release? the results of this ONE therepy were just wayyy more than i could even have ever hoped for since it really gets deeply into the underlying tissues/muscle,and not just what is even possible from manipulation ON the back, neck and upper shoulders?

this route just seems to me something that anyone with heavy/deep myo pain and TPs should simply give a good solid try before attempting ANY destruction of nerves when nerves can produce so much pain if things do not "go" right or depending upon that regrowth factor too? myofascial release IS simply truely amazing AZ esp with a more really esperienced therepist like i was lucky enough to be referred to by my NP at my PM clinic one day? i just did NOT think after spending soo much time wasted and money on soo many different therepies to help with this mess, that anyone was going to even be able to get thru all my muscle mess up there? and he did, it just blew me away totally at HOW deep he was able to even hit in just basically forcing my own energies back into my own body(he kinda sandwiches your body between his hands with NO pushing into your body or body parts at all?) that is really what 'does' the work in 'releasing" the muscles held hostage by that dang contracted up fascia that surrounds them? too cool, let me tell ya.

its just when it comes to an invasive vs non invasive approach that can actually help(esp with no real possible side effects or consequences vs the other approach), i will always at least "try" the lessor impact on ME and my nerves or cord first? and then if that does not actually work, we always do have that plan B kinda thing? i just think aframes particular problems could basically be solved more with the right approach therepy than going right to burning of nerves that are not being impacted per what the post actualy states, ya know what i mean?

i too am not on the old ESI bandwagon myself. or a huge fan of any needles actually, but certain things just DO and can respond to the steriods while other things, not so much. but i just see this situation as one that has to start removing what appears to BE the main issue that developed over time and getting THAT knocked down will simply allow a much clearer picture of what truely would be the very best approach overall? continuing the myo now for three years has actually casued me to not even have to raise up any of my base OC since 2005? and things were getting sooo over the top and sooo way to overly tight til i started this therepy. it really DOES help when muscles are involved in anyones pain process, which they usually are when it involves spinal or even and whiplash type of injury.

aframe, i really would try the myofascial first and just see how that goes for you and what it really can help resolve. even with specific injury types of muscle issues that were never actually undone or taken out of that almost automatic 'guarded" posistion that just occurs in the body to help to better 'protect and stabilize" the area? but once that guarding is no longer 'needed' those TPs and the overly tightened muscles simply cannot break down without some help(that overly contracted fasica simply HAS to release the muscle), so unless they also get removed, you can also still actually have pain even tho the 'initial injury' has 'healed" or been resolved? its just what muscle/fascia can do and does when anything creates inflammatory firings to them?

in your particular case, this IS from what sounds like a more consistant "imflammatroy" signals feeding this which CAN be resolved if that therepy is used in almsot every case. its just hitting and releasing the parts that create the problem from what you just 'have within the neck and possibly something even below that too?

the thing here is aframe, this forum just has sooo many different people who have had many many different experiences in some cases, trying to deal with the very same issues,but at times, in very different ways. just hearing others stories/opinions or how certain types of therepies/modalities simply worked for them just allows anyone who comes here that very wide range of opinions and results. it does not mean that what we say is what you HAVE TO do in any case, but just allows anyone who is dealing with similar situations, to see the possible pros and cons along with outcomes that any person can simply read thru, ask questions about then come up with their own 'plan of action" baed upon ALL of the many responses. only you and your treating docs really know what is best for you in any situation you may have. but having this info to at least help you to saee the good, the bad and the ugly of certain peoples life experiences in dealing with their own pain issues just allows YOU, aframe, to read, analyze and make more fully infomed decisions about YOUR treatments and the many possible approaches and therepies availiable for YOUR particular issues that you are now dealing with. this IS a really great place to simply seek out the best info from many people who have come before you and dealt with/or are now also dealing with many similar situations too? so take what you feel is the most beneifical to you, ask and discuss this stuff with your treating docs and see what can be done that really is the best way or ways for YOU aframe. i personally prefer going least invasive to most invasive, but that just my own personal opinion and based upon MY many experiences over the years dealing with an already messed up body from spinal cord surgery/deep injuries and what MY c spine mess creates for me too? other people have their own options based upon theirs too. you just need to always do what YOU feel and your docs really feel is the best for you but having all the good solid info that for the most part we the patients have to kind of search out ourselves. and thats kinda how these types of forums even got started in the first place? to compare notes,gain info and get good support thru stuff that we have to deal with in what were our once normal happy and painfree lives. i do hope they can come up with a good plan for you. just always try and use very basic logic and common sense in every decision, and always question any docs that you do not understand the 'whys" in what they 'plan' to do to you too? you DO definitely deserve to have full informed consent before ANY actual procedure is simply done on you, and that IS the law too. marcia.
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