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Re: does burning the nerves help soft tissue pain

I agree that if there is a way to "test" via some kind of block that it's a great idea. I believe before my SI ablation they had done a test to see if that was the area causing pain. It might have been during the procedure. Only if he could evoke the same pain via the test then he'd do the ablation.

I used to love ESI and thought I could do them forever. Then my body rebelled and started reacting to ESI steroids as it would to oral steroids. I have a picture of me in Las Vegas where my face has the "moon face" look and I remember being at the buffets and telling my hubby to hold me back as with "steroid hunger" you can eat a whole pizza and feel hungry 10 minutes later. My PCP has been prescribing Meridia during any ESI. Meridia is a medication offered to people who are obese to help curb appetite. I used to gain 5-10 pounds every cycle of ESI but now I don't. However, it's likely that Meridia will be pulled from the market by the FDA. Findings show obese people only lose 10-15 pounds per year on the medication and that there are findings that some people on Meridia have increased risk of heart attacks or strokes. For some people it raises their blood pressure but it does not have this effect on me at all thus my PCP allows me to use it. The first time he made me do home blood pressure every day and call it in to his nurse.
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