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Re: does burning the nerves help soft tissue pain

I'm not a lover of steriods either & know like most things to much or to many can be harmful. I should have included nerve blocks into my post but am used to having the blocks done when I have the ESIs. I don't have many sets, only when things are getting out of control.

Actually it was my PM & a friend of my husbands who spoke to me about ESIs & nerve blocks before ablation. In fact my PM stated he would never do any nerve burning in less you experianced enough relief from the injections.
If a patient is lucky enough to experiance great relief he highly recommends the burning. Ive just never had enough relief to be sure burning would work for me.
The newer PM in this clinic seems to jump into doing a lot of the ablations & Ive sat in the waiting room month after month & heard patients complain it was not for them. So better safe then sorry.

Now my husband had a friend & she was pretty bad. After while the ESIs did not provide any relief, at first she had some but not enough for our PM to proceed with the burning.
Over time they elected to try a set along with nerve blocks & this time it was a huge success. There after she had the burning done. For the first time in years she had a great reduction of pain.

Of course if any type of therapy would work your better off going that route & avoiding any procedure. I can't help but think some doctors push these procedures a little to much. Of course thats just my opinion.
God bless, Sammy