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Re: does burning the nerves help soft tissue pain

Its much the same at my PMs as Spine's. He has an actuall surgical center attatched to his main office. Same sedation used. Your wheeled back in a bed & offered juice, coffe, crackers, etc. They wait till your able to stand & walk & your sent home with who ever brought you. My husband comes back & waits with me till then wheel me in & then brought back in after the procedure. He helps me dress & the nurse walks us both out.
Although Ive not had the ablation I'm in with many who have. They also explained its the same as far as prepping & discharge, only the procedure is different.
Sounds like you have a good PM SpineAZ. You have had success with both injections & the burning. That is such a blessing.
Good luck with whatever you decide & god bless, Sammy