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I could really use some help.

Ive been suffering from some pretty bad constipation for quite awhile now and I have had the feeling of my bowel movements being incomplete. I have seen a doctor who gave me a rectal exam, toke x-rays, and had me go get blood tests. All of which said I'm fine. However he did ask me to see a gastro doctor just to make sure and I made an appointment but sadly I can't be seen by him for a little over a week at the soonest. Oh and for whatever reason it's always easier to have a bowel movement in the morning maybe like an hour after I wake up.

This all kind of started out of no where one night like almost a month ago with diarrhea, adominal pain and some blood in my stool. The bleeding stopped the next morning, the pain is now gone, and I haven't had diarrhea for quite awhile.

Now A day or two after seeing my doctor I noticed a small bump on the bottom of my anus and have had some rectal bleeding. Or well some blood on toilet paper and the spot where the bump is seemed to feel really irritated. It's been bothering me since then but the bleeding stopped. It is normal color except inside my anus appears to be more red then usually mostly right in that spot where the lump is. I have been straining quite a lot and suspect it's a hemorrhoid.

I had noticed this small soft bump before then but it's never bothered me to much and it slipped my mind at the doctors. I kind of assume he'd of noticed it during the rectal exam. But guess not.

Anyways I want to know what other people might think of my problems while I wait to see the doctor.

On a positive note I was told that due to my age and family history and such that cancer and other serious problems extremely unlikely.

Could it be some kind of infection? It doesn't seem to get any worse or better day to day.

Any input would be appreciated. I'd like to hopefully see a response that could help me worry less until I see the doctor in like a week and a half.

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