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Re: I could really use some help.

Well the Diarrhea mostly stopped now I'm just constipated for the most part.

The blood has been on the toilet paper only with the exception of the one time. It seemed to come specifically from the little lump. So I thought it might of been caused by a fissure or I have a small external Hemorrhoid from straining so much lately. I have had some very minor bleeding from around the same spot before but only when straining and very rarely. But never in the toilet just on tiny bright red streaks on the toilet paper or small spots of it. It usually would happen along with a kind of paper cut or stinging feeling that would go away a few minutes after my bowel movements.

Maybe it is a infected fissure as you said. But I'm not sure how to check.

The bump kind of looks like a small part of my anus is swollen and not something that is on it or just close to it.

As for the scope chances are I'll end up getting a colonoscopy if nothing is found wrong at my next appointment. I'd assume it's the next obvious thing to do.

My diet is never really that great. But since this started Ive made an effort to eat better and try more fiber. Iver been using Miralax and have tried metamucil a few times.

Stool softener was suggested but it's not hard.

Oh and thanks for the response. ^^

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