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I was diagnosed with CVID over 19 years ago. I was diagnosed by Johns Hopkins University when I was 10 years old. My immune system at the point was not existent and was receiving the IVIG treatments for years until they changed the formula and had a allergic reaction. I haven't received the treatments in years but I have noticed that I am getting sick more frequently and I have been diagnosed with more allergies than my allergist has ever seen anyone to have. Especially to the amounts of food allergies that I have. I have been wanting to try the IVIG treatments again but I can't find a good immunologist in this area and I can't afford them because I have no health insurance. Very upsetting to me indeed. Is there anything that I can try to help keep me a bit healthier without forking out a lot of money?
If you have cvid, nothing can help you except for IVIG that I am aware of. Nothing will "boost" an immune system that isn't there. Have you tried medi-cal or medi-caid? You probably have an IgA antibody and were given the wrong IgG product. A simple blood test can tell you that and if so, there are products with NO IgA. Good luck.