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Originally Posted by Oleander53 View Post
Hello, Sorry about how you are feeling.

I developed some severe food allergies over the last 2 years. I mean I had 2 bouts of Anaphylaxis that paramedics had to be called. Itching, hives, fullness in ears, shortness of breath, rapid heart beat and so on. I had to see an Immunologist and carry an epipen and all of that. I am in my 50's ??????????

I had a positive test called Anti IgE Receptor AB test. In a nutshell my body's receptors are attacking themselves.

I am on Zyrtec and Zantac daily which are Histamine blockers and can be purchased over the counter. It has settled my system down and I have not had an allergic in over 2 months. Wonderful !! I also had skin testing and then RAST blood testing. I am showing highly allergic to I am avoiding beef.

I am being worked up for Lupus and hopefully that is not the case.

Hope that helps........ Oleander
Oleander - I was told we can't get diagnosed by antibody tests such as lupus, Valley Fever, Tuburculosis, etc because we don't make antibodies. I truly believe I have Lupus and can't get a 2nd opinion, shoot I can't even get anyone to see me for that matter.