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Re: Everything wrong from the top down...

i've no techincal solution to your problems but....
i'm 14 yrs old, like you i have: alot of hair growth, all over my face, spots all over my body, very tired very often, alot of pain in my body and sooo on.
My mental reactions are extremely slow, i find myslef laughing at jokes alot after they have been told, or taking a while to process what someones said! i just say my mind is slow because i think alot, too many thoughts wirling up there!

I'm still trying to deal with all of those problems but i do know how to deal with the kind of i-am-soo-depressed-feeling,
- every now and again have a good cry out, i once spend a whole Saturday in bed simply letting my emotions out, by the end of the day i just felt alot relieved...
- i also do yoga, not the put-my-body-in-impossible-angles type of yoga, but the breath and relax yoga. When i'm in a bad mood or confused or stressed, just sitting their for a few moments letting your whole body relax, letting your breathing slow, it feels very alive.
And sometimes when i feel like a zombie, all i need- is to feel alive.
-Be positive. i ghess it sounds cheesy and fake, but its true, find something in you that you truly can be proud of, and work it! i need to draw attention from my spotty face so i let my naturally curly hair fly wild, it looks great and distracts everyone from my "imperfections."

U probably already know this- hopefully it atleast helps... and if it means anything your not alone, my sister is 16years old and has been in and out of hospital for 6yrs because of her body pains, she has problems digesting too,but i suppose life goes on.


PP.S U sound SANE enough....sometimes i think if someones crazy-happy, its goood, beacuse you see life in shades of gold!

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