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Hey there this is forgiveness,is there anybody out there thats at their end of their tether like iam .I want to scream sometimes ,i am so angry with everything the slightest thing sets me of . I am trying to cope with alot right now ,i feel like i am alone fighting this battle so long , i dont know how it began and when it is going to end ,i losing control and thats something i cant handle .My behaviour is getting worse .My hands are bleeding from using detergents and cleaning all the time ,i dont have a life outside my house.I literally dont leave my house sometimes two weeks at a time because when i return from a trip when i do go out it is to much trouble to clean everything .I hardly visit anyone and prefer nobody visits me .I cant use the bathroom comfortably without panicing .I have to bath imediatedly after using the loo.I dnt use anybody elses bathroom .I am always angry with myself and others, because i am never comfortable, is this ever giong to end Is there anybody out there who feels like me and have you had any success with these types of behaviour help if you can

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