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Re: angry!!!

Dear Forgiveness,

I feel for you, it sounds like hell on earth, but also noticed something else in your post. You said ypu are dealing with a lot right now.

Originally Posted by Forgiveness View Post
I am trying to cope with alot right now
Perhaps something else besides OCD? Like really sensitive personal things, because these things will make anybody at the end of their tether. Perhaps you should adress these things, because that could be cause of all of your distress right now.
Also, concentrating on other things, relating to people and getting out will break the cycle.
It might sounds stupid and impossible, but you could just do little things. Instead of concentrating on how many times you bathed, you'll just say to yourself afterwards "Fine, i did it. leave it at that, now i'll do something i really want, and not something that's being dictated to me". Whenever you it gets bad like this, and you're being really destructive, you do something you like, like a cup of coco or a movie, whatever. But slowly you'll feel how nice that it, and you don't WANT to do those obsessive things (i am quite aware that you will do it anyway), but that is when you can work on breaking them. But make yourself comfortable first. No man ever went to battle broken and won. You need to gather some strength first.
I would like to help you a little on the way, with a hug
I hope you're alright. Take care