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Re: what type of mri do you have done when you have spastic diplegia

For an MRI they will take images of the whole brain, unless they are looking for something specific, even then they will image most of the brain to compare to see if there is damage, this is what they're looking for with CP. Most MRI's are the same, as they're looking for changes, abnormalities or damage.

If you mean what will happen, depending on the patients age and ability to lye still, they will have a general anasthetic. Then lye on a plinth and this rolls through a large and loud machine which takes images of the brain. It can take from 5 minutes to an hour depending on the purpose of the MRI. It is very like you might see on a TV show.

Spastic diaplegia relates to the way in which the CP is manafesting itseft, the biggest problems relating to the legs with a diapelgia. Not so much what they find in the scan. My sons MRI was abnormal with PVL and cysts, but they did not know how this would affect him until he grew and the problems manafested themselves.

Hope this helps.