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Thumbs up After Stapedotomy - Roll Up, Roll Up... For the Roller Coaster :0)

Sorry Im repeating my post as a new thread, but I've got more to say.

Well it's my time to chip in, Stapedotomy,
1.30 am worried it hasnt worked 8 days in.
For the last 4 hours I've been trawling through these pages and they've given me great relief.

Hi Folks, I'm Malcolm (definately in the middle) from the UK not far from Windsor Castle (no relation), 44, happliy married.

All of the nasty side effects I've had and have, I'm still dizzy, weak and my ears blocked. I don't hear anything much on my operated side yet, other than the motorboat thats been installed in my head instead. Wind, tones that come and go or stay, whooshing, popping, crackling, pulsing, rumbling, humming (the boat) yep Roll Up Roll Up, welcome aboard Captain Mals wonderful new motorboat I'm experiencing it all.
Why oh why did I... lol...

But hey hold on I know why because my right ear was rubbish (garbage to you guys in the states). Thats the same for us all, we're here because we're trying to improve on our deafness...

Mine is mixed hearing loss, so I'm never going get perfect hearing again in that ear, but loud and functional bring it on.... yippee

We're in it together and thankfully others have said it. I'm not the only one... infact it seems quite a few of us haven't had the easy ride.

But it sounds as though it gets better or can be treated enroute. That really is fortunate....(sorry about the split infinitive)

Nadsgirl I know it's been a bit longer for you, but it's clear it's a longer road than we thought, or I certainly did.

Quick op, week off, back to normal, thats what my mum (mom) said hers was like...
yerr right...

Patience. faith, rest and these pages (friends now of which I have now become part of) are here and it's a tonic.
Imagine ops before the internet...

I really liked this comment " It's taken years and years for our hearing to diminish. Is too much to ask for a few months for it to get better."

Hope it helps, does me, tired now, night night... all aboard...

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