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Baby with cp: Encouragement needed

My little girl who is now 10 months old has recently been confirmed with CP. The injury she suffered at birth was pvl which I am told usually results in spastic diplegia. Its been a difficult year so far. Near death experiences for both me and her, living in a country where I don't speak the language very well and knowing that a cp diagnosis may "hit" us somewhere along the line.

She is very bright and cognitively normal, but she also has epilepsy and is clearly developmentaly delayed. Her little legs tend to go quite stiff, while the arms while weak seem less affected.

I am so scared. I read about all the surgeries people with spastic diplegia have to correct leg issues, I worry about if she will ever walk. Nobody , nobody in the medical field we have seen so far has been willing to give us any hope. All they keep saying is that we have to wait it out.

She isn't sitting yet. She is so gorgeous, she doesn't miss a beat. She smiles and even imitates sounds. I worry that once she realises that she is "different" that she might stop smiling.
Is there any hope that life would be happy again for us? Please help.

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