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Re: Baby with cp: Encouragement needed

Hello, and welcome to the HealthBoards. We are here for the very reason of offering support and encouragement to each other. As a mother, I can feel your pain. As an older mother, I hope I can offer you some comfort.

As a parent who spent many years as an elementary school volunteer, I do understand what special children do to their parents, their teachers, their classmates and their caretakers...they teach us all what unconditional love is all about. The strength you will need along the way will come from inside just when you really need it. You become an extraordinary woman.

I can understand how overwhelming this whole picture is to you. Instead of dwelling on everything, just focus on what you are doing right now, the rest will take care of itself. Stay in the minute and absorb every good thing that you encounter, especially when you are in your sweet baby's company. Keep yourself positive, and everything will follow.

I also encourage you to remember that you are not alone. That in itself can be a huge comfort. There is always someone here to listen, understand and respond to you...even if it takes a few days or tries. We want to keep you from being isolated, which it sounds like you are experiencing already.

You get to make the choice if you are to live a happy life. It is a choice that you have to remind yourself of at every step of the way, but it makes things so nice to always choose to be happy.

I am a 49 year old mother of two beautiful sons. I have to many illnesses to list, but the bottom line is that I learned all the things listed above while I struggled back from 4 strokes. Like you, my life completely changed in one moment and I was left to figure out what to do. Quite similar to you, right? I know I had my two sons to live for, I want to be a grandmother and see my boys get married, in the other order. My youngest is a junior in highs school, and I have been very ill since he was 8. I have still parented him, and he always helped me to think straight...He is in the best years of his life, and I am there with him. I am happy, happier than ever because I still have days with him, my parents are still alive, I have great friends.

Sorry for yapping so long, it is just something I am passionate about after seeing what a positive attitude can do. And your darling daughter will always be there to remind you why you do the best you can.

I hope to hear more about your daughter, being in Germany and the reast...Janet