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Vomiting green bile after hernia operation?!

Hi all, my father just had sugery yesterday afternoon for his hernia. He's had a hernia for over 2 yrs and suddenly got worse overnight a couple nights ago and he had to go by ambulance to the hospital because he was in so much pain. Ok so he had his surgery yesterday, surgery went well, i called him last night to check on him and he said he felt ok, that he actually felt better now that his hernia problem had been fixed but today I call to check on him and he tells me that he's been throwing up green bile constantly, he was even trying to throw up while he was talking to me. I call and ask one of the nurses if this is normal and she says it can be sometimes after this type of surgery but it also could be a sign of something else like an obstruction but they wouldn't know w/out further testing. He said they had put a tube through his nose down to his stomach i guess to try and stop the vomiting. My question is, is this normal? Has this happened to anyone or have you known anyone that has went through this same thing? I'm very worried right now!

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