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Re: Baby with cp: Encouragement needed

My son had brain damage prior to birth, he has PVL, cysts and a cavity. He has spastic diaplegia, Today he is 2yrs 10mths old, he has just (in the last 4 weeks) sat unaided, althugh it is not easy for him, he wobbles and falls over ALOT. He smiled late (12 weeks) but has not stopped since.
He was diagnosed with Spastic diaplegia at 16mths old.

My son is wonderful, funny, happy, and a delight to have in my life - I am blessed so much by him. He is begining to realise he is different, but its my job to help him understand and enable him to become independant, whether he is in a wheelchair or on crutches. The professionals tell us that he will never walk unaided.

I think the most important thing I have learnt is this, my son is disabled and always will be, but that far from means there is no hope. He will do things differently, but he will do them, he will achieve and he will have dreams and will achieve them his way. Its taken me most of my sons life to come to this realisation. I found the first year the hardest, like you we both nearly died, but we're here and we're on this journey.

You are not alone, you have been given her because you are the best person to raise her. You will be able to give her all she needs. Take courage, and please ask me any questions about my boy, his CP will be different but I am sure that there will be similarities. Keep loving her and she will never loose her smile. Don't loose heart, in a year you'll look back on the changes in her and be amazed! I know I have been.