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Re: What to expect after sinus surgery?

I had sinus surgery in 2004 to correct a deviated septum, swollen turbinates, and to clear an infection.

The doctor kept me overnight in the hospital, and that night I had splints (not packing -if the doctor is using packing, he is behind the times) in my nose, so I couldn't breathe at all from there. Needless to say, you can't sleep and your throat gets sore -so bring a laptop and about 3 gallons of water, because you will be up all night.

However, I really didn't have any headaches or pain, and even when the splints were removed, the pain was mild.

You will likely be put on a big dose of Prednisone after surgery, so do NOT go out into the sun. Take a calcium supplement and a probiotic.

Now here is the drawbacks to this:

My allergies are 10 times worse following sinus surgery. Why? because now I am "wide open" and allergens get right into my sinuses. Doctors don't tell you about this before going in. It also didn't completely correct my problems: I might have to have surgery again this year.

I recommend balloon sinuplasty as a LAST resort -after everything else: immunotherapy, medications, irrigation with a machine, have been tried.