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Re: 12 year old daughter with High Blood Pressure and protein in her urine

sorry for what you are having to go thru with this. if i may ask, just exactly what does your other childs medical issues consist of? is there ANY family history either side of any type of possible kidney related problems or any GI, like possible liver issues?

having the positive protien in urine alone is ususally a sign of possible kidney issues, but adding in her pretty high consistant BPs here and i would think seeing that neph is a really really good idea in order to get the proper testing and dianosising done, then you kinda go from there.

one really good way of seeing the inside and looking at not only the kidneys, but the whole abdominal(plus all vascular flow to major vessels within) would be with a good doppler ultrasound? my son, who has the same kidney disease i do but mutated a gene and ended up with liver failurue, both of our kidney Dxes came from simple ultrasound. and also his liver diesease was found out from lack of bloodflow thru his portal vein in the liver too. it can just SEE alot and pick up alot more and in better ways, like with realtime bloodflow, than certain other types of scans.

your ped doc could actually simply order that abdominal ultrasound to be done in a matter of a few days since it will usually take a bit of time before you can usually get in to even see any of the specialists? its a great test and you would have THAT info for the neph when you saw him too? it does save time and hassle. the other thing here regarding what actual 'labs" really test when done are how the overall 'functions' of every organ in us, depending upon what gets tested, are simply doing. the numbers do only tell one part of the picture and the things like seeing the actual organs as they 'look/work' and actually just are inside IS the huge other part of the picture too.

while there could actually be some resonable explanation for the HDL, she most defintiely NEEDS to see that ped neph doc to have all the right tests run to find out just what they look like and how well they are truely functioning too. and this would be the best specialist to actually see FIRST as well. if only her HDL was off as far as when needing to see an actual ped cardio would go? while the heart does impact in certain ways what our blood pressures can be, the 'governing' part BPs IS kidney function. this just is what REALLY does the more underlying control(the renin release done from within the kidneys also involves the adrenal gland that sits on top of the kidneys too?), thus the higher BPs when someone has kidney problems? they could possibly even rule out any real cardio involvement by simply fully checking out her kidneys too?

hopefully whatever is impacting her kidneys is not a huge thing and can be helped or any progression of this can be also stopped once it is actually properly Dxed as to what it just is? but your childs doc IS doing the right thing here for her by sending her to the people who simply know more than the ped does. i would ask her ped tho about obtaining that good look inside with a full abdominal US tho. esp if it is going to be a longer type of wait to even get in to see the neph? sometimes you can get into see these people much more quickly, and other times, well, its unfortuently the way things just are ya know?

also, make certain to always always obtain your very own copies of any and all testing report results so YOU can keep them for your own personal file on her. this was by far one the the very best things i did for my son while he was going thru soo many different tests and a ton of ongoing labs too. keep it all in a really nice little expandable folder that you can also bring to all appts. i would also obtain all the presvious testing she has EVER had done at this current peds as well, moreso as comparritives? this stuff really helps just keeping track of yourself for her too.

i also had to start doing this for me too with my ton of medical nightmares(6 surgeries and sp cord injuries) as well as monitoring my kidney and liver disease always with labs and a good yearly ultrasound just to 'see' how those organs also 'look' too.

please let me know how things are going, K? good luck to the both of you, Marcia
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