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Re: What to expect after sinus surgery?

Originally Posted by emmaps View Post
My sister-in-law had sinus surgery on 9/2/10. She had some pain, felt like she was getting a head rush or too much air. Now doing better. She was wondering how long the pain will last. Also, her nose is itching like crazy.
I had surgery the same day! I had a bit more done though - and it ended up being a 6 hour surgery. Septoplasty, resection of inferior turbinates, resection of middle turbinates for concha bullosa, and the openings to the maxillary sinuses were made larger - done by an ENT. I also had a functional open rhinoplasty for saddle nose deformity - impaired breathing and no stiff cartilage left. I have spreader grafts, lateral grafts and a columella strut graft. - This was done by a plastic surgeon.

Anyway.... I am still very congested on the inside. The pain is similar to what I had prior to surgery, facial pain around my eyes and cheeks. If things dry out too much, it can be painful. I use saline spray multiple times throughout the day and do a nasal sinus rinse once in the morning and before I go to bed.

Yes, it itches, and there is swelling. Although I have more itching right inside my nose where the plastic surgeon made his incisions.

It can take up to 3 months for the sinuses to return to normal functioning, provided you don't have underlying allergies.

I still feel pretty fatigued, but it gets better each day. The surgeons are quick to say that you will bounce back in 2 weeks or so... Then the next time you see them, they might say, "It will get worse before it gets better." Listen to your body. It will tell you if you are doing too much. Everything is tender on the inside of my nose , and the post-surgical debridements have been painful, even with the numbing agent. I have some scar bands on my right side at the opening of the maxillary sinus and my right middle turbinate has become floppy - lateralized.... grr.

However, because I was a complicated case, I couldn't expect everything to go PERFECT.

it helps to hear what everyone else is going through and know that you are normal, and even though you might look o.k. on the outside, things are still very much healing on the inside.