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Question Really need answers- anyone else taking antidepressants????

So I'm 19 and i'm taking zoloft right now and I'm having a mini-withdrawal thing going on.

I've been bad with taking my medicine. I normally take my dosage in the morning but I forgot to take it today until now (7pm). I'm feeling really anxious and quick-tempered right now. Like I locked myself in my room because my mom was really ******* me off and she wasn't really doing anything. Also, I'm freaking out cause I hate feeling reliant on drugs. I hate feeling like I'll be like this forever. Having to take anti-depressants cause I can't just be happy on my god damn own. I also feel it's potentially dangerous. What if I drink too much one night and I'm dead? What if there's something we don't know about meds that could really mess us up?

Just freaking out. can anyone supply me with some legitimate facts about anti-depressants concerning safety????
And maybe some personal experience about missing a dosage so I know what to expect next time????
And if anyone here has a history of anti-depressants, maybe some insight as to how long they've been on them or generally how long they've needed them???

Thanks so much!

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