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Re: Need support for withdrawal from Codeine/Tramadol

Hi, I just came accross your post and was wondering how you're doing/feeling? I was on Tram for 5 years. I started taking them for a back injury and became completely addicted to them. In my down spiral I topped off at taking 14 - 16 per day just to function. I was completely disgusted with myself the day I finally said I was done, I went cold turkey and never went back , I can only wonder how in the hell I did it on my own, it probably wasn't the best idea looking back, I could have died. I know it was my faith in God and my prayers that got me through that nightmare.

Please let me know how you are doing and if I can offer you and advice or help let me know ....?? I know alot helpful info and safe meds and remedies etc; to get you through this if cold turkey is the way you are choosing to go.

If you are having severe WD, heart palpatations etc; I strongly encourage you to see an MD through this.

Just keep holding on, don't let go!
It will pass , I promise

Strive <3