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Re: Nothing coming out doing Upside Down Sinus Flooding? What's wrong?

Originally Posted by dizzeespell View Post
About 4-5 big glasses of water. They are big glasses, about 12-14 ounces per glass.

It is said that most normal people require at least 6-8 glasses of 8 ounces each. If you weigh more than the chart says you should then of course your body may need more.

I forgot to mention that I'm starting to feel like I have a cold. This is only thing that is consistent to what people reported feeling after they did the initial flooding. Again I'm not looking to be in pain (stinging sinsus', foaming nostrils, etc) but nothing other than the "I feel like I have a cold" part is the same as what most people have reported.

When I have been exposed to someone with a cold I merely let normal saline water go down my nostrils on both sides, but my sinuses are not blocked with swollen tissues or deviated septum. When they are blocked and they seldom are. A little normal saline down the bottom of both nostrils usually seems to allow any thick mucous to thin out. I use an ear irrigation bulb for the back of my throat with normal saline after I do the nostrils. I don't use hydrogen peroxide. I once had an allergist tell me to use normal saline for my nose since the body sometimes reacts to it in improper ways. I forget his exact words for why since it was many years ago. I like to use bay leaf tea to help prevent a cold or to get it to leave quickly if I catch it. Sugar lowers the immune system so I stay away from this for the most part and if there is any it is usually in low amounts. Another way to prevent colds is to wash your hands after going out in public if you touch any doors etc. and wash them after contact with people who have had colds or flu. They say you should stay at least 3 feet away from those with colds. I say a bit more because if a person coughs or sneezes the germs have been found across a room about 16 feet I have read.

Could my sinsus' be that clean? I haven't irrigated them in over year and a half.

Perhaps you have not seen your surgeon for a year and a half, did he tell you to irrigate for the rest of your life with the hydrogen peroxide or was that supposed to be for the few days after surgery to prevent a post surgical complication of infection?

From here there is no way to know how clean a persons sinuses are but if you can't breathe throught them they are blocked. This could be for many reasons of course medically. I have learned that if the surgery wasn't done right or if there are polyps or if they are filled with fluid you won't be able to breathe through them. After the sugery was there a follow up visit with the surgeon to see how sucessful the surgery was in the first place?

I have been inhaling H202 into my lungs with a fine mist nasal spray over the last week and a half to help clear my lungs. Could that have affected my sinus'? Weird I know.

I would not be using that substance in my body at all unless the doctor told you to. For me hydrogen peroxide will leave a white line on my skin right where it travels or a spot right where it drops. I have heard that it destroys red blood cells. Because it leaves a white area on me right where it touches me I believe what I read.

I also put a Super diluted solution of Hydrogen Peroxide with Distilled Water into another fine mist nasal sprayer and have been spraying that into my nose for congestion relief. Maybe that did something. I don't know.

I also notice your user name. Are you having dizzy spells?

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