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15 month just diagnosed with possible mild CP from pediatrician


My 15 month son has been diagnosed with possible mild CP from our pediatrician. My questions are,

What should we be asking the neurologist, our appt. is weeks away but..?

Also, he has hit all his milestones, rolling over, crawling, walking, speech etc...and I've been reading the difference between low muscle tone versus CP. Just confused and hopefully we can get answers from the neurologist.

When he was younger, he would hold both his arms back when being held as if to help hold himself up and balance but never appeared to struggle or be in pain. At the time the pediatrician wasnít too concerned.

He now only seems to hold his arms stiff, slightly when running; some stiffness in one hand when holding a ball for example but everything I read concerning CP tends to be more along the lines with missing many of these milestones. Could this be CP, low muscle tone? or something else?

Just very confused and don't understand how this is possible with never having issues with hitting these milestones. And I havenít come across anyone with a similar situation concerning CP or low muscle tone on the net. Any advice, help is much appreciated.

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