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Re: Very Painful Cramps in the Neck, Throat and Tongue

I just finished having one of these cramps that many of you are describing on the left side of my throat. The cramp is basically from the end of my collar bone in the base of my neck clear up to underneath my chin. Swallowing or talking are both extremely painful, and when I do swallow it feels like something is going to rip or break in my adam's apple, it almost feels like it is off track.

I have had this a few times before but they usually go away with some massaging after about 15 minutes, this time however it lasted about 3 hours before it finally relaxed and I had to take some muscle relaxers and massage vigorously to help it to relax. I have noticed the feeling of it popping back into place that some of you have mentioned, although it wasnt as profound this time, I basically had to lay on my back and massage and wait for the muscle to relax.

My guess is that it is a muscular-skeletal issue, probably from an old neck injury in my case. Best of luck to you all in figuring out this very painful ailment.