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Too many things to friends to share with.....

Summer is coming....So many activities, so many parties and events coming up and I really want to go out and have fun....but not alone. Everyone is with friends and I do not have any to spend time with. I can pretty much live alone going to some occasions but not on some occasions and parties....So sad. I used to have friends....I do not know what happened. And I really miss the feeling....I still have acquaintances but its just not the same....I like it when you can just call someone to hang out or when you have to trade secrets, that girly stuff you know. I miss it. I have been alone pretty much for years. There are so many things I want to do, places to go and people to see but I am alone. I am a pretty nice person, I just do not know why I do not attract friends well enough....they sort of come and go. I lost touch with the friends I made in the past and it still hunts me...Just venting...Really pretty sad feeling when you just have to say no to invitations or chose to stay home than watch fireworks or watch a concert or go to the disney by myself...just because you do not have company to go with....I really want to go but not alone...I would just look like a fool. Oh well, so much for that. Am I the only one feeling like this??


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