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Re: Nothing coming out doing Upside Down Sinus Flooding? What's wrong?

Originally Posted by dizzeespell View Post
I think that is very much a possibility. How would one clean out a possibly infected Eustachian tube?

I don't know truly but I think if it were mine I would keep track to make sure you would have the amount of water you need every day. One book I read said to take your body weight, divide that in half. Divide that number by 8 to see how many 8 oz. glasses of water to drink daily. For example a 100 pound person would need 50 oz. of water which is a little over 6 glasses a day. Some doctors say a little more than this. This would help it to drain better possibly in theory at least because thin drains better than thick.

Another thing is that if there is pain on one side I would use a hot water bottle on the neck or ear area on the side affected for 10-20 minutes.

I could see my dizziness coming from something like that since I have had bad sinus problems in the past. My head is pretty much swollen every where. Ears, eyes, nose, throat, etc. Everything seems irritated.

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