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Re: Problems after Gastic Bypass Roux-En-Y?

Hi am two years out from RNY. I have had issues. I started off at the begining when I was going through the insurance qualifications at 415lb. (I am 6'2 woman) Day of surgery I was 375 and also diabetic. Within a year I lost majority of weight. Then the problems started. In July 09 it was found through a scope that I had an ulcer in the roux likb near the staple lines. In Oct 09 I was back in for another scope because the pain was unbearable. It was found I had a second ulcer, this one was deep in the intestinal wall. (these are considered marginal ulcers) A month later a repeat endoscopy revealed both ulcer were still there but the second one was healing. I had a great severl months until last month (Sept 10). I was on vacation across the country and eneded up having internal bleeding. I was hospitalized and given two unit of blood tranfusions. It was discovered that not only do I have two ulcer but now have three ulcers. The GI bleed was from one of my ulcers. I have always had great labs and never had issues with my iron level so never took supplements for it. Now I am serverly anemic.

My GI doctor believed the ulcer are related to the surgery because of the location and I need revision. However, my orginial surgeon does not want to touch me now, and I was at one point the model patient. So I have been working with another surgeon and possibly considering a revision from RNY to Douedanl Switch (DS).

The important thing here is, every surgery has their risks. I know many RNY patients who are doing GREAT and no problems. And I know a couple who are having issues, some severe. But there are risk involved with every bariatric surgery. Don't just jump into a surgery and have it fix everything. The surgery is just a tool and YOU need to do the work. And there are risks with the tool. Do your research. There are several diffrent types of surgeir. Ranging from the Lap Band, RNY, VSG and DS to name a few. Know what you issue is, and pick the surgery that best fits your needs.

One last thing. One person brought up mental health. This is probablly the MOST IMPORTANT part of having this surgery that is not giving enough attention. If you are seeking Weight Loss Surgery, start seeing a psychologist and continue after the surgery. There are various reason why people have weight issue and majority of the people who have WLS have emotional issues and a tie to food as their comfort. There is a high instance of transfer addtion in WLS community. You will not have the same ability to comfort yourself with food, or you may fall back into the pattern and gain weight. WLS is a lifestyle change and I mean on ALL aspects of your life. Personanly it took 7 years to come to the decision to have this surgery and when I had it, I was mentally prepared.

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