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White Coat readings even at home?


I'm 35 and have been getting high readings at the
doctor's office, as high as 150/95. I lost 30 lbs
to get down to my optimal weight, have been running
4 miles/day for about 9 months, and have reduced

I use one of those Walmart ReliOn monitors with the
hand pump. I try to measure my blood pressure every
couple of weeks, but I always feel nervousness before
I do it (performance anxiety: I want that sucker to
be low!! <IMG SRC="">). Thus I'll get a reading of 140/85 or
144/82 or something like that. If I take the cuff
off and wait 4 minutes, the reading is always lower,
usually something like 130/83, or sometimes even
in the low 120's for the top number.

Am I doing this right? Is it "fair" to wait 4 minutes
and then retest? For one thing I AM calmer for the
second reading, and my pulse usually is lower
(sometimes 85 on first reading, 65 on second).
I've read the manual of course but am skeptical that
the second reading is always better.

One other q. On a similar note, is it "fair play"
to rest for 10 minutes and be rather calm when
taking this reading? If I sit down, place the cuff
on and fire it is always higher than when I have
rested for a few minutes first.

Thanks for any thoughts you guys might have. I'm
convinced the readings at the doctor's office are
too high, but am unsure whether I'm getting
the real scoop on these measurements at home as well.


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