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Re: White Coat readings even at home?

I am 35 as well. When I go to the doctors office, my readings are generally 150/95 or even a little higher! Of course, at home, my readings are closer to 130/85 or lower. Do I have high BP? The doctor says YES. No one has given me a straight answer. Apparently, if it is high at the doctors, then it is HIGH. I disagree, but am currently still working with my doctor to determine this. The best way to find out is to purchase an OMRON self inflatable monitor, test yourself at home twice or more a day (same time everyday). When you test yourself, sit in a chair (with a backrest) for 5 minutes, then take it. Record your readings like this for a couple months. Average your readings and this will give some idea, plus it allows you to see trends. Good luck!